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Sheep - Spain - Mild, floral flavor with notes of nuttiness and a lightly tangy finish | 

P'tit basque Sheep - France - semi-hard;earthy, mild, nutty, pungent, subtle, sweet |

Pecorino with Truffle Sheep - Italy - Intense, nutty, salty flavor of the cheese is balanced by the earthy flavor of truffles |

White Cheddar Cow- Canada - aged a minimum of two years. Made from pasteurized milk, this white cheddar has a sharp, robust, tangy flavor. |

Crescenza Stracchino Cow- Wisconsin - fresh rindless cheese offers a milky flavor and tender texture |

Artigiano Vino Rosso Cow- Wisconsin - perfect mix of precisely crafted cheese and a hearty blend of robust red wines |

Gouda Cow- Netherlands - nutty and sweet flavor, and a dense texture |

Honey Goat Cheese Goat- Canada - Tangy yet remarkably mild flavor and an exceptionally rich, creamy mouthfeel |

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